Product lines include wood windows, vinyl clad windows, all vinyl windows, steel and fibreglass insulated entrance systems and patio doors. All prodcuts are available in standard sizing for new construction, or custom sizing for replacement. Because we are a family business, we have the ability to easily adapt to virtually any customer’s request. Products such as Simulated Divided Lites, return channels and various widths of vinyl Brickmould have been added to accommodate customers’ requests.

Due to the knowledge and ingenuity of management, we have the ability to do our own bending of vinyl profiles, which enables us to do almost any shape imaginable in our wood, vinyl clad or all vinyl products. Because of the high demand for replacement windows in century homes, we have developed a fully functional all vinyl camber top double hung window, allowing these customers to keep the look they want, but benefit from a maintenance-free window.

The dedication of our employees is one of our strongest assets. Their input and skill level is highly regarded and invaluable. Our “core” staff each have a minimum of 15 years’ experience with the company, and each one is specialized in a different aspect of manufacturing. All employees are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality we can build.

Customer satisfaction has always been a huge part of what we do. We strive to keep our quality high and our service work to a minimum. We only use quality materials in every product we manufacture, and it is obvious in the end products we provide to our customers.

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