Dec-Tec provides a sophisticated and beautiful way to waterproof any number of areas including balconies, boathouses, walkways, stairs, boats and more. Being a high traction rated and low maintenance product, Dec-Tec is the best choice in walk able deck surface solutions. Low maintenance and long warranties, paired with beautiful and versatile designs make Dec-Tec the best solution for your outdoor living space.

Dec-Tec has been committed to providing products of quality, durability and unparalleled beauty. With brilliant traction ratings, reinforcement and prints, Dec-Tec will keep your deck looking great for years to come.

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Dec-Tec – Classic Line

The Classic line is one of our most popular product lines. Brick, Granite, Bronze and Solid Grey offer a functional and traditional feel with cutting edge membrane technology so you can enjoy style, comfort and protection.

Our classic colors compliment all décor styles and accentuate any outdoor space, whether it’s a deck, patio, boathouse, or walkways. Designed to be neutral and durable, our Classic line is stunning in any application, from commercial to residential.

Dec-Tec – CoolStep Line

With our CoolStep line, Dec-Tec offers all the same waterproofing capabilities in the form of white, light pattern membranes with increased solar reflectance making it the perfect option for warmer, sunnier climates. CoolStep is only available as an 80mil product, automatically providing you with our 20-year limited membrane warranty and comes in two neutral toned patterns – a great option for both cool and warm color palettes.

Dec-Tec – Natural Line

If you’re looking for realistic, natural patterns married with ground-breaking technology, Natural line is the obvious choice. With our added patent pending Real Technology you are provided with a lay-flat fiberglass core, high definition prints, high traction, and superior wear protection and enhanced UV protection to provide quality, durability and unparalleled beauty.